Shahid Afridi hopes T10 Cricket League will lead to greater India-Pakistan bonhomie

Former Pakistan captain lauds T10 league organisers for attempting to bring the two nations closer during the six-team tournament that will be held in Sharjah in December

Ajit Vijaykumar
by Ajit Vijaykumar
4th October 2017

article:4th October 2017

Shahid Afridi will be a part of the Pakhtoons team in T10 Cricket League.
Shahid Afridi will be a part of the Pakhtoons team in T10 Cricket League.

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi can’t wait for the T10 Cricket League to start in December as that would mean a clash between Indian and Pakistani teams on the field.

Cricketing relations between India and Pakistan have remained frosty for years with political tensions between the countries depriving fans of regular clashes between the sides. India play Pakistan only at ICC events, citing government objections, and that has hurt Pakistan cricket financially in the absence of bilateral series.

For Afridi, who is the brand ambassador of the Pakhtoons team in the TCL that will be played in Sharjah, any competitive and quality cricket between the two nations is welcome.

“It is very good sign that a few Indian players will be coming here (to UAE). Pakistan and India are currently not playing together for political reasons but sport brings countries together. This is a very good sign that Pakistani and Indian teams will play against each other,” Afridi said in Dubai.

“We can only try. This is the good thing the franchisees are trying to do. Media should also play a positive role in ensuring cricket is kept away from politics. Sports is the only thing that brings countries closer. Players from both side want to play each other. I will never understand why and how politics comes in between all this.”

Former India batsman Virender Sehwag is part of the Maratha Arabians set-up while other big names could be a part of the event after the player draft on October 25.



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