Afridi awaits Ronaldinho's arrival to Pakistan

Pakistan's retired cricketer Shahid Afridi has welcomed Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho to Pakistan with a series of tweets.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
17th March 2017

article:17th March 2017

Sporting friends: Afridi and Ronaldinho.
Sporting friends: Afridi and Ronaldinho.

One of the most beloved footballers around the world, Ronaldinho recently announced through a video message that he will be visiting Pakistan in July 2017.

And as soon as the Barcelona and Brazilian icon made this announcement, Pakistani sports fans along with their cricket icon, Shahid Afridi, were overjoyed.

Afridi, through a set of tweets, has welcomed the Brazilian legend in his own way.

Ronaldinho too responded to him while explaining his excitement and anticipation to visit the country.

The Brazilian who recently became a club ambassador for FC Barcelona, will be playing a seven-a-side exhibition game during his visit.

And while Afridi takes Ronaldinho to a tour of Pakistan this summer, let’s just hope this brotherly love between our footballers and cricketers continues to ‘Boom Boom’.