Brian Lara backs "outstanding" Virat Kohli

The former West Indies legend put Virat Kohli's run of low scores into clear perspective.

Ajit Vijaykumar
by Ajit Vijaykumar
19th March 2017

article:19th March 2017

Lara pointed to his own runs of poor form in his career.
Lara pointed to his own runs of poor form in his career.

The runs have dried up for India captain Virat Kohli during the Test series against Australia, prompting concerns about his form.

But West Indies legend Brian Lara believes it is part of sport and a few low scores shouldn’t take the sheen away from Kohli’s illustrious career.

“Virat is an outstanding cricketer, he has led the charge. People look at Virat in amazement,” Lara told Sport360 on the sidelines of the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai.

“All sportsmen, in team sports, fail more than they succeed. In football you score less goals than the number of matches you play.

“In cricket I have more scores under 40 than over 40.

“Eventually, Virat is going to taper off when opposing bowlers are going to get a hang of what he does and he is not going to be as successful.

“But that does not make him any lesser as a batsman.”