Talking Cricket: IPL foreigners, Pakistan's exile and will CLT20 ever return?

Scroll down to listen to this week's Talking Cricket podcast as we take a look at the IPL's history of foreign players and what went wrong with the Champions League T20.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
2nd May 2017

article:2nd May 2017

Scroll down for this week's episode.
Scroll down for this week's episode.

This week’s Talking Cricket podcast looks at the greatest IPL imports, past and present, while discussing what makes a foreign player appealing both on and off the pitch.

Host Barny Read and regulars Joy Chakravarty and Ajit Vijaykumar then chat about Pakistan’s ongoing ban from the league and how the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks changed the relationship between the two neighbours so much both politically and, as a result, in cricketing terms.

They then remember the now defunct Champions League T20 tournament, reliving how that was also effected by the Mumbai atrocity and how it was a doomed product from the start.

From there, the team ponder whether the CLT20 could ever make a return to cricket’s packed calendar.

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