Anelka predicts Chelsea-Liverpool result

Sport360 caught up with former Chelsea and Liverpool striker Nicolas Anelka for his prediction.

Brendon Netto
by Brendon Netto
16th September 2016

article:16th September 2016

Blue or Red?
Blue or Red?

Nicolas Anelka has been one of football’s most renowned journeymen, featuring for a total of 12 separate clubs over the course of his career.

Two of his former clubs, Chelsea and Liverpool go head-to-head in the Premier League on Friday and Sport360 caught up with the Frenchman to get his prediction.

The striker noted that both sides are lead by top managers in Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp foresees a stalemate between the two tacticians.

“Conte is tactically very good. Chelsea is always a strong team. Liverpool play good football and have a good manager as well so I will say a draw.”

Anelka was at All Star Sport for the soft launch of the Paris Saint-Germain Soccer School, Dubai.