INFOGRAPHIC: The relationship between music and football

Music isn't just a getaway for some footballers, it's way more than that...

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
16th February 2017

article:16th February 2017

Football stars lead a busy life. After workouts, training sessions, competitive matches and somehow finding time for close ones, they often desire to get away from all the noise and the limelight.

And, just like for us everyday, normal folk, music is something that provides them that freedom from all the stress. But for some footballers music is not just a getaway, it’s as much a passion as their profession.

As you can see below as compiles a list of professional footballers both past and present who have had a close relationship with music.

Stars who wrote lyrics for raps, athletes who played musical instruments, footballers who are massive music fans and those artists that could have been professional footballers had things worked out differently; this piece has everything covered.

Some are surprisingly good, others not so, but we’ll leave that judgement up to yourselves…

You cannot possibly see this without listening to the Anfield Rap so here’s a bit of a bonus for you.