New Balance have a new home at Dubai Mall so get familiar with one of the most fashion forward brands

With unique features the new store makes a real statement and is well worth a visit

Jay Asser
by Jay Asser
11th October 2017

article:11th October 2017

UAE residents now have another reason to frequent Dubai Mall, with a brand new New Balance store welcoming sport and lifestyle lovers to check out its range of footwear and apparel.

What’s so appealing about the new store? After all, there are countless shops in the sprawling Dubai Mall So what makes the New Balance space worth a visit?

For one, the brand has never been more popular or fashion forward. New Balance has come to encompass more than just its roots of running by now featuring heavily in lifestyle and performance in other sports, such as football and baseball.

The 574 Sport should be reason enough to make a trip though, considering its blend of modern aesthetics and comfort. Every sneakerhead should have a pair in their collection, with the shoes perfect for casual wear while keeping you light on your feet.

But there are several other styles or models that you can find at the New Balance store, depending of course on what you’re looking for. One of the walls of the space prominently features running footwear, while the opposite wall displays the lifestyle products.

And tying the entire store together is a unique, curved digital screen that extends from the back wall up to the ceiling, giving the space a sleek finish.

Check out the store for yourself and if you’re not already familiar with New Balance, it’s as good a time as any to get familiar, considering the brand is on the rise in the region.

The new store will feature NB apparel for lifestyle and sport

The new store will feature NB apparel for lifestyle and sport

“This is really a statement for the brand and its expansion,” said Stuart Henwood, country manager of New Balance Middle East and India. “We’ve now been in operation for around 18 months, building the brand in the GCC and opening up stores in various locations, but Dubai Mall is really the epicentre of where retail is in the GCC.

“Eighty-plus million people walked through that mall last year and really looking at the consumer mix in the region, with Saudi Arabia and consumers across the Gulf, it’s really a flagship location with where we’re positioned in the mall.

“We’re close to the entrance and that’s really a statement of intent of what the brand is doing from an investment standpoint in the
region. It’s to say ‘We are here, we’re a brand that’s been existing for a long, long time and we’re really here to build the brand in a really strong way in the Gulf.’”

What: New Balance store

Where: Dubai Mall, ground level

When: Dubai Mall open daily until 23:00 on weekdays and until midnight on weekends

Contact: Visit or call 056 526 8663 for more information



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