WATCH: Tiger on comeback & Dubai return

Tiger Woods speaks about the current state of the United States of America and his return to golf.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
2nd February 2017

article:2nd February 2017

CNN’s ‘Living Golf’ caught up with Tiger Woods in Dubai on Thursday.

When asked what his message to fellow Americans is at this time he said, “We’re fellow Americans. And as Americans we come together and we do what’s best for our country.

“And we need to be united, and be Americans. And I know there is a lot of divisiveness as of right now but with time, patience and unity I think will win out.”

On the topic of his recuperation from a back injury he reveals there were “a lot of dark times where I couldn’t get out of bed.”

He also feared not being able to return to the sport due to the pain of the nerve damage.

‘I’d rather have a damaged knee every day than deal with nerve pain again.’ He added, “It’s like hitting your funny bone a thousand times a day. It becomes not so funny.”