Top tips to stay committed and motivated to your training

Tasha Kolonas guides Sport360 through some of her top tips to stay dedicated to your training.

GuavaPass Staff Writer
by GuavaPass Staff Writer
9th October 2016

article:9th October 2016

Most of us can benefit from a little nudge on how to stay motivated and stay committed to our sweat routines!

Here are my tips on how you can help yourself.

1. Think of workouts as an essential component to your routine…

Most people follow a specific routine to how they prepare for the day or how they commute home from work. There’s no good reason why working out should be left out of daily routines. If your mindset is workouts are as essential as showering, brushing teeth, and drinking water, than there’s no real reason why it is not part of your routine already.

2. Turn working out into a habit…

Whether it’s yoga or a quick 30 minute class, turn sweat sessions into a habit and schedule exercises like how you would schedule in meetings. Have it as a must-do not just a to-do! Remember it takes about 30-40 days to form a new habit.

3. Remember to hit refresh from time to time…

Whether it’s a change in playlist or a change in workout type, doing the same thing time and time again can get boring and we all know once boredom sets in we’ll lose enthusiasm for anything.

If you’re one of those regulars at the gym who likes to switch out all the noise and listen to your own jams, browse through different playlists on Spotify or dig through old playlists to refresh your workout beats.

If you’ve been doing the same workout every week for months and you’re starting to lose enthusiasm, then it’s probably time to switch up your routine (even just a little). Try out a new class one day, try out a new workout another week, or maybe run outside for a change; whatever you decide, the goal is inject something new into your routine.

4. Find a workout buddy…

This is one of the most underrated encouragement tools of all time! Find a workout buddy (or a group of you) who will commit to the same sweat routine to help keep you on track. Rather than each workout feeling like a chore, your workout sessions will feel more like a social occasion (I promise you this slight change made a major difference in my routine).

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