Lose fat with cryolipolysis for that feel good factor at the KYP holistic and ladies' beauty centre

KYP holistic and beauty centre is one of the two wellness facilities that provide Cryolipolysis, which is the newest technology that helps reduce fat and tone the body by freezing the fat cells.

Hiba Khan
by Hiba Khan
19th September 2017

article:19th September 2017

Feedback has been positive from people who have tried out the treatment.
Feedback has been positive from people who have tried out the treatment.

If spending hours in the gym and making basic lifestyle modifications aren’t enough for you in your quest for your desired physique, technological advancements have given us some shortcuts to get ahead in the fitness game – Cryolipolysis being one of them.

Cryolipolysis is a body contouring treatment that gets rid of cellulite and stubborn fat by exposing it to extremely low temperature.

Internationally acclaimed and approved by the CE and the FDA, the procedure is still relatively new in the region, but is said to have produced positive results for a lot of people.

Preeta Kiran Anchan, an entrepreneurial nutritionist successfully runs a wellness facility called KYP Holistic and Ladies’ Beauty Centre, which is currently one of the only two places in Dubai that provide Cryolipolysis treatment.

Preeta has 19 years of experience in nutrition planning and management, and is a prolific contributor to the fitness and health community of the UAE.

After introducing the treatment in her wellness centre a little over a year ago, it was an instant hit amongst her clients who were really satisfied with the results after undergoing the sessions.

“The treatment was introduced exactly a year and a half back and it’s doing great. Clients are extremely happy and we have a constant demand for its feel-good factor and result delivery. we have seen excellent results on skin fold fat reduction up to 30 mm in a single package,” she said.

The science behind the procedure is to freeze the cells until they are in a dormant state in the body and stay that way for a while in the body.

The frozen fat cells are then metabolized and expelled out of the body via the lymphatic system.

KYP is one of the two facilities in UAE that provide the treatment

“The cooling technology along with the intra-ferential therapy that is applied by the zircon plates on the subcutaneous fat layer that will penetrate up to -5 degrees of temperature.

“This process leads the cells to a temporary frozen state and the effect stays till eight to ten days temporarily Frozen cells help eliminate the disintegrated fats in to the lymphatic system to be utilized and eliminated by the body with other toxins,” Preeta explained.

Exposure to such an extreme temperature may be slightly uncomfortable in the beginning and some of the side effects include feelings of numbness in the affected area and slight bruising, which usually subsides in a few days.

Even though there are no long-term side effects associated with the procedure, after this treatment there is a possibility that the fat cells may come back with a vengeance, so it is essential to follow a healthy diet plan and an active lifestyle to maintain and augment the results of the treatment.

She added: “The basics of a healthy and fit body is majorly influenced by our intake and output. Diet nutrition lifestyle pattern is a lifelong change which can be incorporated with our professional support.”

The number of sessions depend on the level of fat deposits and is given out after a thorough analysis of the body.

Preeta recommends at least six to eight sessions in order to see a perceptible difference and appears quite satisfied with the success rate of the treatment.

What: Cryolipolysis at KYP Holistic and Ladies’ Beauty Centre

Where: Al Nahda 1st, Al Mulla Plaza, Dubai

Cost: AED299 per session

Verdict: a worthwhile shortcut to try to achieve a desired physique

For more information, visit www.kypcare.com



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