LIFE360 - Polo passion, the cycling revolution & 20 health myths

Here's what to expect from Issue Three of our lifestyle magazine LIFE360, out on March 10.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
6th March 2016

article:6th March 2016

LIFE360 is a luxury lifestyle glossy, with a strong sporting emphasis. A magazine that combines in-depth features with sport, fashion, travel, beauty, culture, health, shopping and car reviews for the high-end market.

Covering life after sport – what we want to buy, wear, eat, read and do as well as more serious issues that touch the world of sport and beyond – LIFE360 is aimed at both men and women with content that is relevant and interesting to both. A kind of Intelligent Life with a strong sporting flavour…

Issue Three cover a range of topics from Polo to diet myths and you can pick up your copy of LIFE360 with Sport360’s newspaper on March 10 or read the magazine online HERE.

POLO PASSION – Just how do you get to play the sport of kings? Is it just about the money or do you need talent too? Anna Blundy speaks exclusively to Eduardo Novillo Astrada to discover all.

20 MYTHS BUSTED – Challenging common misconceptions about diet and fitness including notions like ‘no pain, no gain’ or ‘no carbs after 6pm’. Anna Blundy talks to fitness gurus about the myths they want to bust.

IT’S ALL IN THE GENES – Carla McKay recently underwent genetic testing and discovered she is high-risk to get Alzheimer’s. Unsurprisingly this has changed the way she lives now. How far can genetic testing go? And is it a good idea?

MEDITATION IN MOTION – Emma Woodcock began cycling at the ripe age of 41, when she weighed in 91kg.  Five years down the track, Emma is a positive cycling evangelist. The founder of Velo Vixens Dubai, an all-female cycling group with over 500 riders of all ages, Emma tells LIFE360 her story.

BOOK REVIEWS – A selection of sports books reviewed by Rupert Wright including Joe Root’s autobiography -and After the Final Whistle, a history of the first Rugby World Cup and the First World War.

YACHTS –  In the wake of the Dubai Boat Show, Jennifer Bell investigates Dubai’s ambition to become the Monaco of the Middle East.

TRAVEL – Where to watch horse racing around the world; Including the Dubai World Cup, Melbourne Cup, Ascot, Arc de Triomphe and the Kentucky Derby.

A QUESTION OF SPORT – Rupert Wright asks if the recent corruption scandals have tainted sport for ever.

FASHION – Several pages of sporting fashion for both women and men as well as tips on what to wear to the Dubai World Cup.

LIFE360: Issue 3




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