REVIEWS: Jump on the virtual hardwood with NBA2K17

The newest basketball Visual Concepts game boasts improved game mechanical depth and refinements to overall passage of play.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
23rd September 2016

article:23rd September 2016


It’s hard to improve on what is already the best sports video game on the market, but the developers at Visual Concepts have managed to build on previous 2K iterations to deliver the most polished and customisable basketball simulation ever.

Let’s start with the core game-play. If you skipped last year’s edition, you’ll notice a massive improvement on how players move and the pace of play. Even for those who owned 2K16, there have been improvements such as the shot meter (now controllable for every shot) and dribbling moves, which can now be individually strung together.

The depth of the various game modes will also have you spending hours upon hours on the sticks.

MyCareer remains the closest thing to a sports RPG, while MyGM is reminiscent of ‘Football Manager’ with its breadth of options. Those two are likely to take up most of your time, but the smaller modes (online, MyTeam) provide a good change of pace.

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