Prema team manager René Rosin impressed with Amna Al Qubaisi's F4 testing

Denzil Pinto
by Denzil Pinto
16th June 2017

article:16th June 2017

Prema Team manager was impressed by Amna Al Qubaisi’s efforts during her maiden unofficial Formula Four testing at Yas Marina Circuit on Wednesday evening.

The 17-year-old Emirati completed 60 laps at a top speed of 209km/hr around the iconic track for the first time in her new car since signing the deal last month.

The Abu Dhabi-school girl, who has excelled in karting, will become the first Arab female driver to compete in Formula Four in Europe in 2018 and while her timings were not important, she made a big impression on her new team.

Rene Rosin

Rene Rosin

“It’s too early to say but she’s doing a good job and isn’t doing any mistakes and didn’t stall the car so it’s a positive step,” said René Rosin, Prema team manager. “We’ll now start working on her in driving the right lines. It’s still too early (of her potential) to make a judgement but not doing making any mistakes in the beginning is something very positive.”

He added: “These testing sessions was the first opportunity for her to see how to work with a car and deal with mechanics and engineers and we want to take things step by step.

“It was a chance for her to being in the car and how to brake and get the best possible speed.”

“It can be difficult but she’s done a great job. She progressed lap-by-lap and that’s the most important thing that she has to do. We’re not looking into her lap times at the moment but it’s just about building her knowledge and confidence. In the future, she’d start learning more about the techniques and how to approach a qualifying session and race weekend,” added Rosin.

Amna, who will be able to earn FIA Super Licence points in the fourth-tier of the championship in her bid of driving in F1 one day, hopes more Arab drivers, especially females, can follow in her footsteps and win a seat with other teams.

Rosin believes there’s every possibility that could happen in the future.

“What Amna is doing is exceptional as it’s a new beginning of a generation of drivers from Middle East coming up in Europe and I’m sure it will be a market that will be opened up.

“It’s still in the early stages and I’m sure it will grow in the next couple of years.”



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