Inside Line podcast: What next for Hamilton and Mercedes?

Tune in to this week's Inside Line podcast as the team debrief after Abu Dhabi's dramatic season-ender.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
1st December 2016

article:1st December 2016

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Scroll down for the full podcast.

What should Mercedes do with Lewis Hamilton after his public act of disobedience in the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? To us, all of it seems to be extra PR that Mercedes, Hamilton and even Formula 1 are enjoying. But seriously, what will Mercedes do?

As for Nico Rosberg, he settled the ‘worthy World Champion’ debate by successfully overtaking Max Verstappen [yes, he overtook Verstappen]! In this episode, we also speak about Jenson Button’s farewell race and how a retirement before his sabbatical makes perfect sense. The irony of life, perhaps?

The team were quick to point out that Sebastian Vettel deliberately held station and decided against overtaking Nico Rosberg in the race. Was this a calculated move by Vettel to ensure that Hamilton’s title tally remains at three and not add up to his tally of four?

And thank goodness Verstappen ran into the other Nico, but given his pace, strategy and Hamilton’s disinterest in winning the race, could he have won in Abu Dhabi? Also, Rosberg’s title-winning party featured Ricciarodo, but did his shoey make an appearance, too? Keke believes that Hamilton got lucky twice and we’re still scratching our heads about the second instance.  Lastly, we welcome Zak Brown to Formula 1 in our own little ways.

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