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In this week's Inside Line podcast, the team tackle friendships in F1, Fernando Alonso in the Indy 500 and much more.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
26th April 2017

article:26th April 2017

Scroll down to listen to this week's podcast.
Scroll down to listen to this week's podcast.

The Inside Line team are back with their latest F1 podcast, saying thanks to Mclaren for vetoing a Red Bull Racing-Honda partnership a few seasons ago.

They say that, if not, we’d have had six GP2 cars (or worse!) racing in Formula 1.

Elsewhere on week’s episode, Mithila and Kunal discuss Fernando Alonso’s Indy 500 preparations, the Bernie Ecclestone-Sebastian Vettel friendship, Lauda’s support of every Hamilton challenger, Renault’s 2030 F1 concept and IF Fernando Alonso will retire his Mclaren-Honda in the upcoming Russian Grand Prix too.

You can listen to all of this and more in the podcast below.

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