Club of the week: Round 10 Boxing Club - A knockout gym in Dubai

One of the walls surrounding the ring at Round 10 Boxing Club is hard to miss, bringing anyone who catches a glimpse of the collage back to a time when the ‘sweet science’ was everything.

Jay Asser
by Jay Asser
5th February 2016

article:5th February 2016

Bring it on: The Round 10
Club is the perfect place to
train specifically for boxing.
Bring it on: The Round 10 Club is the perfect place to train specifically for boxing.

Poster after poster with the names of Holyfield, Ali, Hagler, Frazier and more form the backdrop of what is Dubai’s premier boxing gym – a place that feels ripped out of the 1920s, save for its modern facilities.

As mixed martial arts continues to grow worldwide and become the leading combat sport, boxing has become more specialised.

Nevertheless, Ahmed Seddiqi, co-founder of Round 10 Boxing Club, has kept the strikes at his gym strictly punches – based on the same belief he had from day one when he opened the venue in 2013.

“There was nothing of quality available not just in Dubai, but in the whole country,” Seddiqi said of places to box. “Before opening the gym, I used to train and there were a lot of kickboxers training boxers which was a total disaster.

“That’s when we thought we needed a proper place in Dubai for boxing – a gym with professional trainers, fighters and the whole boxing atmosphere.”

If nothing else, it’s clear how much Seddiqi values proper training, which is why his gym offers more than 30 structured boxing classes per week for all ages.

The sessions are specifically designed to take beginners and transform them into well-rounded pugilists, or enhance the skills of experienced boxers.

It’s more than just hitting a bag, shadow-boxing or sparring. As Sediqqi passionately explains, the sport is extremely demanding and that’s the reason for its uniqueness.

Smash hit: The club offers more than 30 boxing classes a week.

Smash hit: The club offers more than 30 boxing classes a week.

“There’s a whole art to it, of how a body can handle so much in 12 rounds, or in the earlier days, 15 rounds. Building a person up to that is really amazing,” Seddiqi said.

“You just have two weapons in boxing – your two hands. Training those two hands doesn’t just require training your upper body, it requires training from head to toe.

“The power is released from the legs and learning how to release that power is the art of it.”

Even if you’re not keen on taking a punch or throwing one yourself, boxing can be a wonderful and effective form of exercise to get fit.

Or maybe you just want to find some people to talk with about the upcoming bout or that recent highlight knockout. Whatever your motivation, Round 10 Boxing Club has you covered as the UAE’s hub for the sport.

“It became like a small community for all the boxing fans in Dubai. They come here not only to train, but to sit and talk,” Seddiqi said. “The word just keeps on going about the friendly atmosphere.”

Get a taste for yourself by checking out Round 10 Boxing Club, which will leave you wanting to strap on the gloves and climb into the ring.