McGregor: I'm going to stop Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor stepped up his war or words with Floyd Mayweather after Michael Conlan’s fight in New York on Friday.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
18th March 2017

article:18th March 2017

Conor McGregor and Michael Conlon.
Conor McGregor and Michael Conlon.

The double UFC champion stopped ring side following Conlan’s third round TKO win over Tim Ibarra to confront Brian Campbell of CBS Sport.

“I’m going to stop Floyd,” he said. “You’re all going to eat your words. The whole world is going to eat their words.”

Although no agreement has been made for the fight to take place, it looks more a possibility now than ever before.

Just last week, Mayweather said he wanted to face the 28-year-old in June.

I don’t want to hear no more excuses about the money, about the UFC. Sign the paper with the UFC so you can fight me in June. Simple and plain, let’s fight in June.

McGregor is currently on a break for the impending birth of his first child, a son with his long-time girlfriend Dee Devlin, who is due to give birth in May.

Should the fight go ahead, it will take place after the summer.



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