Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis - When cutting-edge technology meets sophisticated design

Sport360 interviewed Lamborghini's head of motorsport and Roger Dubuis' marketing director to delve into the partnership between the famed automaker and the luxury watch manufacturer.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
9th October 2017

article:9th October 2017

Premium cars and watches have a unique pull on the minds of those who want more out of life and pride themselves in having a refined taste.

Having them not only signifies achievement of one’s dream but also signals to the world the owner’s desire to not settle for anything less than the very best.

When it comes to four wheels, Lamborghini are very much in the clouds when we talk about dream cars. The iconic brand, which was formed in 1963 to take on established names like Ferrari, has carved a niche for itself with cutting edge technology and trendsetting designs.

Even so, development is a constant process. Which is why Lamborghini have teamed up with premium Swiss watch makers Roger Dubuis and crafted the unique Excalibur Aventador S range of timepieces inspired by the Aventador S engine and the new Huracan Super Trofeo EVO.

The Excalibur Aventador S is available in two interpretations – the 88-piece limited edition that bears the Lamborghini “Giallo Orion” yellow paint code and the ultra-exclusive 8-piece edition that comes in “Arancio Argos” orange. The time-pieces combine high-tech materials, including multi-layered carbon and C-SMC carbon that uses the same technology as that used for Lamborghini cars.

The Excalibur Aventador S range of time-pieces are powered by the specially-developed Duotor, which is a Lamborghini-exclusive movement. The partnership hopes to create a unique and fascinating experience for both Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis patrons where premium cars and watches combine to provide a more gratifying experience.

Sport360° spoke to Giorgio Sanna, head of motorsport at Lamborghini Squadra Corse, and Dorothee Henrio (right), marketing director at Roger Dubuis, regarding the partnership and what it means for its customers, especially in the Gulf region, and how they expect the market to behave in the coming future.


How will the partnership with Roger Dubuis enhance the Lamborghini experience?

We have a lot of vision in sharing with Roger Dubuis. Because our customers are of similar age, vision and taste. They like mechanics, designs, something that is out of the ordinary. We share these things together.

We believe that through motorsport activities and other events from both sides, there is a good opportunity to create a bigger network. That’s good for both of us.

Our customers enjoy incredible cars and incredible watches.

Give us an insight into the changing dynamics in the ultra-premium market of supercars. How do you engage with the new generation of enthusiasts?

We are a young, sporting brand and we are really satisfied to have younger customers, below 40. What it means is regarding loyalty, we can look into the future.

What the customers, young or otherwise, are looking in a Lamborghini is emotion. That’s where we are focussed on. To create cars with unique design, the wow effect. Easy to drive with outstanding handling and performance.

The Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East series will be back for a second edition next year. How did the opening edition this year pan out?

We will continue to invest in the Super Trofeo Middle East series. We had 50 cars on the grid in the first season, which is a good result. We are looking to improve the numbers.

The motorsport scene in the region has been impacted due to recent market conditions. How does Lamborghini plan to meet these challenges?

At the moment, we are glad to repeat the championship in the Middle East. It’s a very good opportunity for teams from Europe and Asia, during off season, to do practice and test the new line-up of drivers. It’s clear Middle East is a challenge. But we like challenges. Middle East has big potential, it has wonderful tracks.

Will F1 or even Formula E be on Lamborghini’s radar?

We are not looking at Formula E. We are only focusing on customer racing, not a factory programme. We have consolidated a very good platform in customer racing in Super Trofeo and GT3. Any other category we will consider but the intention is to remain in customer racing.

We will evaluate opportunities in the GTE category. It’s the natural step up after GT3. The technical regulations will change in 2020. We will take a decision in the near future.


How does Lamborghini enhance the Roger Dubuis experience with this collaboration?

It’s not a classic partnership. It’s not just about putting the logo on the car…we will be one of the main sponsors for the 2018 Super Trofeo season.

The most important part is working together, putting engineers and watchmakers together and making the best out it.

That’s how we came out with the new watch – two engineers worked with the watchmaker.

Excalibur Aventador S - Arancio Argos

  • Production: 8 pieces
  • Strap: Bi-material with black rubber base and black Alcantara inlay, orange stitching
  • Retail price: Dh945,000

For Roger Dubuis patrons, we will offer them a Lamborghini experience, take them to the race while for Lamborghini clients we will entertain them at Geneva.

For example, after a tour of our manufacturing facility in Geneva, we take our patrons on a helicopter to a glacier.

What else will Roger Dubuis customers get from this collaboration?

Roger Dubuis clients will be invited to the Super Trofeo races. It will be a full package. We will not only be celebrating the tie-up at the HQ level in Geneva but other places as well like Monaco, Dubai. That has already happened. We were present in Goodwood Festival of Speed, in the Geneva Motor Show. There is mutual attraction between the two brands.

What aspects of the Lamborghini are incorporated in the watch?

There is the ‘X’ that goes over the engine represented on the face of the watch. The angle that goes on the V12 is reproduced on the Duotor. We have a new functional strap that uses the metal from inside the car. The new movement Duotor we have in this watch will only be used for Lamborghini. We have two patents on these watches.

How do you assess the market of premium watches in the Gulf and how will this association help you gather a greater share of the region?

The Lamborghini partnership gives us strong visibility, despite the small quantity. We want to remain in the niche market. The Gulf region is very important market for us.

Excalibur Aventador S - Giallo Orion

  • Production: 88 pieces
  • Strap: Bi-material strap with black rubber base and black rubber-tech inlay, yellow stitching
  • Retail price: Dh680,000

We think the boldness is very much appreciated in the region. However, it won’t talk just to Lamborghini owners.

We had a good reception here and even in China. US will be a good market for us as well. We have some clients in the Gulf region that are looking for even more unique pieces.

How do you engage with the new generation of watch enthusiasts?

We have been accelerating our digital communications, especially in the last few years. We bring traditional press and TV and then about half the numbers are social media influencers (to events). Times are changing. Bloggers and digital contributors are important.