Six training tips to prepare for Ride Ajman

A look at six top tips to prepare for Ride Ajman.

Niall McCague
by Niall McCague
21st March 2017

article:21st March 2017

Are you competing in the Ride Ajman on April 7?

If you are, then make sure you read this!

Here’s our top five tips for riding a successful race!


What’s your goal for the race? Is it just about getting over that finish line or do you want to achieve a formidable race time? Once you have an answer then set out how you are going to succeed. It’s not too late now to be training 3-4 times a week but back yourself to know the preparation you have done thus far is going to help you get your best possible placing.


You’ve been following a training programme for the last number of weeks and now you’re at the closing stages of it. This coming 7-10 days is critical so listen to your body. If you’re sore then don’t train that day. The last thing you want to do is pick up an injury in the week leading up to the race. If you feel lethargic one evening then do some light circuits or a stretch to keep the body supple.


It is important to warm up before any cycle in order to prevent injury. If you’re going out for a spin this week, do some quick stretches (10 seconds each side), including hamstrings, quads, groins and calves. Post-cycle, you should do some static stretching and hold the stretches for at least 30 seconds to one minute, working all your lower body.


Your body is like a car so it needs the right fuel. Have some porridge (with a chopped banana) and a coffee/tea for breakfast, rice and chicken for lunch, and a piece of meat and sweet potato for dinner. You don’t have to eat these foods but they are ideas to help you feel mentally sharp in the week leading up to the race. Don’t feel that you have to be too strict but eliminate as much sugar as possible as this will only make you feel sluggish. On race day you will need some sugar and electrolytes during the race as the baking sun will make your body sweat easily.


Recovery is essential to athletic performance in order to help muscles rebuild. During your training for the 104km, it is important to take your recovery seriously as this will effectively impact how your body feels the following day(s). The three main tips for recovery are to hydrate, stretch and take in some protein after exercise (30-50g).

Enjoy it. You may never do one of these races again, especially in the UAE, so make the most of it and ensure you are as best prepared as you can be!