EAFL coaches give their predictions for Super Bowl LI

EAFL coaches give Sport360 their predictions.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
4th February 2017

article:4th February 2017

Brett Turek (Dubai Stallions)

In my opinion, I’d like to see Atlanta pull it out. I think they’ve been the underdog team this year and have been a surprise against a lot of teams. Atlanta is a young team, first time in the Super Bowl in quite a while.

Their coaching staff I’m sure will be able to handle it, but if talk about experience and the players that have the experience, you have to give the nod to the New England Patriots.

Predicted score: 24-17 Atlanta
Predicted MVP: Matt Ryan

Johnny Sharp (Al Ain Desert Foxes)

I really think the Falcons are going to win. It’s just a weird year and it’s all about match-ups. If they were playing Dallas or somebody like that, it may go differently. But I think Atlanta is going to pull out an upset.

It will definitely come down to whoever turns the ball over less. Player for player, I think Atlanta has better talent, but if it gets down to coaching decisions, it’s definitely going to benefit New England.

Predicted score: 24-17 Atlanta
Predicted MVP: Julio Jones

Kyle Jordan (Dubai Barracudas)

Anytime you have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, it’s going to be tough to overcome. They’ve been to this show many times with a whole bunch of different players. It doesn’t matter who is out there with them, they always seem to get the most out of them. And they’re not fazed by the big stage.

It’s tough to count them out. I know the Falcons are playing some really good offence, but the Super Bowl is a different animal altogether.

Predicted score: 31-27 New England
Predicted MVP: Tom Brady

Tony Robinson (Abu Dhabi Wildcats)

I got to go with my hometown boys and my team, the Atlanta Falcons. I think it’s a different team than what they’ve had before. It’s a lot of different than the other times they’ve made it to the playoffs.

They look like they’re playing with a purpose now instead of having that wideeyed look. Now it looks like they’re supposed to be here. I think Matt Ryan has proven himself all along, but this is the first year of his career he isn’t running for his life.

Predicted score: 35-21 Atlanta
Predicted MVP: Julio Jones