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Scroll down to listen to this week's Talking Cricket podcast which looks at the rivalry between India and Australia as well as the success of the Hong Kong Blitz.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
14th March 2017

article:14th March 2017

In this week’s Talking Cricket podcast, we turn our attentions to a new rivalry and emerging tournament.

First up, it’s a retrospect on the fierce feud between India and Australia, one of cricket’s most competitive rivalries but one born out of less traditional reasoning.

And ahead of the third Test between the two nations, what better time to look at just what the fixture means and why it’s become such an enthralling contest.

Then, our attentions turn to the recently concluded second edition of the Hong Kong Blitz as Cricket Hong Konh CEO Tim Cutler joins us to talk about the tournament and what Associate Nations, such as the UAE, could learn from it.

Listen to all of this and more in the link below.