Globetrotters bring anti-bullying talk to Dubai schools

With the help of the Harlem Globetrotters, hundreds of Dubai students were given an entertaining and informative lesson in helping to prevent bullying in their community.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
3rd October 2016

article:3rd October 2016

Globetrotters’ stars and Ambassadors of Goodwill, TNT Lister, Handles Franklin and Cheese Chisholm, presented the “ABCs of Bullying Prevention” to over 1500 students from Dubai International Academy, Raffles World Academy and Collegiate American School.

The 30-minute program, designed in coordination with the American National Campaign to Stop Violence (NCSV), focused on Action, Bravery, and Compassion, comprising the ABCs.

The Globetrotters said: “As ambassadors of goodwill we’re thrilled to be able to expand our roles beyond the court and bring the ABCs of bullying to Dubai schools. Unfortunately, today bullying has become more prevalent among our youth and the Globetrotters are glad to be able to give students the tools needed to help prevent bullying in their communities.”

Dubai International Academy (DIA) was one of the schools the Globetrotters visited on their two-day tour. Primary school principal, Tim Richardson, said the DIA does not tolerate bullying or harassment.

“All members of the School community are committed to ensuring a safe, supportive environment, based on the school’s values of learning, respect and cooperation,” he said.

“It is great that we can have the Harlem Globetrotters share their ABC’s with us, as this connects well with our IB Learner Profiles of Caring, being a Risk Taker and taking Action. It’s always good when students can see and hear that we ALL share the same vision…RESPECT FOR ALL.”

During the session the children were also treated to a taste of what the Harlem Globetrotters will do when they return to Dubai with the rest of the team as part of their 90th Anniversary World Tour.

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