Pau Gasol compares Rafael Nadal's achievements to greatest ever in sport

San Antonio Spurs center Pau Gasol says Rafael Nadal's 10 French Open titles rank him as high as any other athlete in sport.

Reem Abulleil
by Reem Abulleil
11th June 2017

article:11th June 2017

Witnessing history: Pau Gasol in the stands for Sunday's final in Paris.
Witnessing history: Pau Gasol in the stands for Sunday's final in Paris.

Spanish NBA veteran Pau Gasol believes Rafael Nadal’s unprecedented 10 Roland Garros title wins is on par with some of the greatest achievements in all of sport.

The San Antonio Spurs center is a good friend of Nadal’s and has attended more than one of his finals in Paris including Sunday’s three-set win over Stan Wawrinka that gave him a historic 10th French Open trophy.

“I think it’s ranked really high because it’s something that’s never been done in the world of tennis,” Gasol told Sport360 at Roland Garros.

“I think it’s something extremely remarkable that could be compared to the greatest achievements of any other, probably, athlete in any other sport.

“I’m just very very proud of Rafa, the way he’s playing again, it’s just fun to watch. It’s really a joy and a privilege to watch him play this sport.”

Gasol was also present at the 2013 and 2011 finals of Roland Garros and says he had no doubt his compatriot would secure his ‘Decima’ on Sunday.

“I was not nervous, I was very confident that Rafa was going to win, in a pretty comfortable manner as he did, the way he was playing till today, and he continued today even more, he was dominating, just incredible,” said Gasol.

The 36-year-old believes Nadal can keep dominating for the rest of the season.

“If he continues at this level – it’s not easy of course winning Grand Slams, but today he won, and he has options at Wimbledon. He’s the best player on the circuit this year and has chances there. He can take advantage of these moments,” said Gasol.