Tennis coaching on offer at Emirates Palace

Kenny Laurie
by Kenny Laurie
31st December 2013

article:31st December 2013

Great setting: Fans can fine-tune their skills at the scenic Emirates Palace.
Great setting: Fans can fine-tune their skills at the scenic Emirates Palace.

The new tennis season is just around the corner but you can start early at the Emirates Palace.

Abu Dhabi’s iconic Emirates Palace is offering coaching courses run by Croatian tennis guru Pjer Dulava for anyone at any level of experience. The only thing that is required is love for the game of tennis.

The programme at the luxury hotel has offers to suit just about everyone. There are group clinics for those who want to learn with friends and social tennis for those simply looking to get the blood pumping and have a laugh.

For the more serious competitors, there are elite training sessions that will help hone every aspect of the game.

And due to the bespoke coaching offer by Dulava, you can tailor the sessions to work on specific areas of your game.

There are four floodlit courts, all of which are run by the Croat and all of which will be working to a programme formatted for your objectives. Dulava has spent nearly his entire adult life as a coach and he has a few philosophies he likes to stick to.

“My main principles for coaching of players is very basic,” Dulava told Sport360°. “The most important things are fun, fitness and knowledge. So every lesson I always include all of these things into every single drill because they are essential for people to do and learn if they are to play the game for a long time.

“I include each exact exercise that improves skills, knowledge and fitness all in a fun way.

“The exercises have a lot of movement in them so you are never standing still and never stuck in one place.

“I didn’t play internationally as a player, only in Croatia. I always wanted to be an ATP professional tennis player but when I realised I wasn’t good enough, I became a tennis coach and I have since found out that I have very good talents in coaching tennis and that I have a lot to offer.”

After years teaching in the USA, Dulava’s skills are much in demand. Places are scarce at the Emirates Palace such is the desire to work with the Croat.

Private lessons are available at almost all hours of the day with sessions starting as early as 07:00 and finishing as late as 22:00, with bookings needed to be made at least an hour in advance.

The Emirates Palace however doesn’t provide the attire and apparel for its learners. So guests must bring their own equipment, stressing that shirts must be worn at all times regardless of the heat and that swimsuits are strictly forbidden. Apart from that, the court is yours.

All lessons are 45 minutes and private sessions with Dulava are Dh200. Group lessons can cost as little as Dh100 and go up to Dh250 depending on the privacy requirement and type of booking.

It’s the perfect time of the year to sweat it out, preferably while playing a sport you like. And this is a brilliant opportunity for you to take up the game or simply have some fun.

What: Pjers Dulava’s coaching clinic

Where: The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

When: Courts open daily from 07:00 to 22:00

Information: To book a spot, call the Emirates Palace at 02 690 7311



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