Backstage concern for Undertaker's WWE future

There are growing concerns at WWE that The Undertaker's time may soon be up.

by Wrestlezone
29th March 2017

article:29th March 2017

The Undertaker was believed to be in a great deal of pain after RAW.
The Undertaker was believed to be in a great deal of pain after RAW.

According to, The Undertaker was said to be walking around in a great deal of pain at Raw last week, and as a result there is growing concern in WWE regarding The Dead Man’s future in the company.

The Undertaker was said to be pretty unhappy at Raw this past Monday night due to the level of pain he was in, which resulted in talks that this year might be ‘Taker’s final WrestleMania.

There was quite a bit of buzz on social media following Raw last week that Undertaker appeared to “wince” following the Chokeslam he delivered to Braun Strowman. Some fans took this as an indication of pain, but some took it as just a possible in-character reaction.

According to a correspondent we had in attendance for Raw, “Taker was a bit slow to get up after the spear he took from Roman Reigns, and while he was noticeably limping up the entrance ramp to make his exit, again, that could have been ‘Taker selling the move from Reigns. It appears, however, he was in legitimate pain either before or after the move from Reigns.”

Undertaker celebrated his 52nd birthday this weekend, and there are still big money matches on the table for him, including “dream bout” scenarios with John Cena and Sting.

However, with his reported level of pain, WWE officials are beginning to come to the conclusion that this year might be it for ‘Taker, and after WrestleMania he might undergo major surgery which would likely end his career.



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