Al Wathba Cycle Races

Pedal your way through the Al Wathba Cycle Track alongside like-minded cyclists.

article: March 19, 2017

Saturday 25 Mar 2017
Abu Dhabi, Al Wathba Cycle Park

Organised by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, cyclists will congregate for an entire afternoon of pedalling action in Al-Wathba, just outside the capital city. The races adhere to the Sports Council’s mantra of encouraging residents to engage in the discipline and adopt an overall healthier lifestyle.

The Al-Wathba Cycle Races are an excellent option for proficient riders, albeit recreational or unaccustomed to group-riding techniques, to hone their skills in a social setting. The format allows riders to be reseeded in accordance to their ability and skill as riders. As fitness levels improve, cyclists will find themselves progressing and riding alongside athletes at the same level, similar to a competitive time trial event.

TIME: 15:30


ORGANISERS: Gulf Multi Sport

PHONE: +971-50-109-4055

EMAIL: [email protected]




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