Al Ain Raceway 9 Hour Endurance Race

Co-ordinate with your teammates and record the most number of laps within the allocated time to win Al Ain Raceway’s proposed 9 Hour Endurance Race.

article: March 28, 2017

Friday 21 Apr 2017
Al Ain, Al Ain Raceway

The Al Ain Raceway is one of the many venues dedicated to nurturing motorsport prowess in the UAE.

With recurrent events in the works, the Raceway presents the 9 Hour Kart Endurance, an opportunity for karting fans to form teams and strategise pathways to victory.

Teams with impeccable decision-making and driving abilities will likely flourish and stand out from the rest.

TIME: 10:15

PRICES: Dh3,500 per team

ORGANISERS: Al Ain Raceway

PHONE: +971-3-768-6662

EMAIL: [email protected]


Al Ain Raceway



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