Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship: Round 2 – Day 1

Many will head to the Dubai Autodrome for the iconic Kartdrome Endurance Championship. Don't miss out on the action.

  • 28.04.2017
  • 4:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Motor City, Dubai Autodrome

The Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship tests stamina, speed, concentration and synergy between team members for between 12 to 24 accumulative hours.

Operating on a four-round format, each round emphasises the importance of a different task.

Round one highlights 12 hours of endurance racing, round two goes for 600 laps and round 3 focuses on a 700km run. Round four, or grand finale, pushes teams to survive on the track for 24 hours.

TIME: 15:00-21:00 PRICE: TBA ORGANISERS: Dubai Autodrome PHONE: +971-4-367-8744 EMAIL: [email protected] MORE INFO:

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