Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship: Round 2 – Final Day

Many will head to the Dubai Autodrome for the iconic Kartdrome Endurance Championship. Don’t miss out on the action.

article: April 11, 2017

Friday 28 Apr 2017
Dubai, Motor City, Dubai Autodrome

The Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship tests stamina, speed, concentration and synergy between team members for between 12 to 24 accumulative hours.

Operating on a four-round format, each round emphasises the importance of a different task.

Round one highlights 12 hours of endurance racing, round two goes for 600 laps and round 3 focuses on a 700km run. Round four, or grand finale, pushes teams to survive on the track for 24 hours.

TIME: 07:45-08:30


ORGANISERS: Dubai Autodrome

PHONE: +971-4-367-8744

EMAIL: [email protected]


Motor City, Dubai Autodrome



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