UAE Wooden Powerboat Championship: Heat 2 – Day 1

Observe the very best 'Shawaheef" pilots go neck-and-neck at the Corniche Breakwater for the UAE Wooden Powerboat Championship.

  • 30.03.2017
  • 3:30 pm
  • Al Marina, Corniche Breakwater

Within the Corniche's vicinity, the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club has championed multiple accomplished in the name of its city. The club is known for offering a myriad of marine sports - powerboating, jetskiing and kayaking and wakeboarding - propelling Abu Dhabi on the globe stage for sporting greatness.

Thanks to the Marine Sports Club, the city is the first in the Arabian Gulf to hold and organise world-renown powerboat races, comfortably gathering increasing numbers of attendees alongside a roster of seasoned riders with each passing edition. But when the organisation isn't preoccupied with these respected events, it remains steadfast in preserving traditions, particularly an ancient form of competitive boat racing specific to the region.

The UAE Wooden Powerboat Championship invites formidable adversaries from across the seven emirates and neighbouring GCC nations to compete in a "shawaheef" for a series of traditional powerboat races. For those unfamiliar, these 28-foot wooden structures equipped with modern composites are often piloted by one of two drivers, exemplifying an old passion for marine sports in the Arabian Gulf.

TIME: 15:30

PRICE: FREE ORGANISERS: Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club PHONE: +971-2-681-5566 EMAIL: [email protected]

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