#IGNITEDXB Night Run Series – Final Race

Light up the Meydan Royal Bridge as the #IGNITEDXB Night Run Series promises an unparalleled nightly running experience.

  • 12.04.2017
  • 7:30 pm
  • Meydan, Golf Clubhouse, The Track

For the first time ever, a three-race series will be conducted over the distinct Meydan Royal Bridge. This Puma-backed event will ask novice and veteran runners to run through the illuminating landmark and breathe in the wintery nocturnal skyline Dubai has to offer.

Participants will be given 90 minutes to complete either of the two gruelling “up-and-down-hill” 5km and 10km races. Because of the nature of this event, individuals must keep to the left-hand side of the road at all times and have their run numbers visible to ensure their safety during the race.

Once all categories and events come to an end, runners will be rewarded for their with a post-race feast at the ready - the perfect opportunity for athletes keen on making new acquaintances and swap stories.

TIME: 19:30 PRICES: Dh175 ORGANISERS: Super Sports PUMA Dubai Sports Council PHONE: +971-50-164-6967 EMAIL: [email protected] MORE INFO:  supersportsevents.me/event-registration/?ee=275 premieronline.com/action/download.php?t=event&e=2474&id=3022 premieronline.com/action/download.php?t=event&e=2474&id=3064

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