Oceanic Triathlon Series 2016/17 – Final Race

The Khorfakkan Oceanic Hotel beckons seasoned triathletes and aspirants alike to complete a visually aesthetic course on the UAE's east coast.

  • 14.04.2017
  • 6:15 am
  • Oceanic Hotel, Khorfakkan

Thanks to ever-growing popular demand, the Oceanic Triathlon Series returns to Khorfakkan.

Devised by the four-star Oceanic Hotel, the cost-friendly course encourages participation in two forms: Short and Super Sprint.

The former asks triathletes to embark on 30km cycle through the east coast’s second largest town before returning to the holiday beach resort where their succeeding endeavour will require a run grazing beside the stunning corniche yielding soothing oscillating waves before eventually crossing the finishing line.

The latter, as advertised in its naming, challenges participants to repeat an altered, yet shorter version of the aforementioned course as rapidly possible.

TIME: 06:15


285 AED (Junior) 305 AED (Adult) 389 AED (Super Sprint team) 437 AED (Short team)

ORGANISERS: Growings Coaching

PHONE: +971043210008

EMAIL: [email protected]

MORE INFO: oceanictriathlonseries.com

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