Watch Nike's beautiful tribute to Mo Farah, celebrating his career and his 'smile'

As Mo Farah completed his final track campaign at Worlds, Nike released this beautiful tribute to celebrate his career and his 'Smile'.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
15th August 2017

article:15th August 2017

As Mo Farah stepped onto the London Stadium track to compete in his final campaign at the World Championships, Nike’s new film ‘Smile’ celebrated the tremendous sacrifice and resilient mindset behind his record-breaking career…and his unbeatable smile.

‘Smile’ chronicles Farah’s unseen gruelling journey and mental strength behind his cheerful persona. The film gives viewers an unprecedented insight into the runner’s journey and toughest training moments, set against the backdrop of his hometown, London.

A powerful tribute from London-born spoken-word artist, George the Poet, it captures the human truth we all recognise: Behind every smile, there is a story that is never as easy as it seems.

‘Smile’ was created by Wieden+Kennedy, directed by Mark Zibert and produced by Rogue films.



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