Who will win, Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor? Predictions from fitness fanatics at UFC Gym Middle East

It's the million-dollar question, will it be Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor who triumphs in Las Vegas on Saturday night (Sunday morning, 6.30am UAE time)?

Stuart Appleby
by Stuart Appleby
25th August 2017

article:25th August 2017

Sport360’s Stuart Appleby visited UFC Gym Middle East in Business Bay to find out who people are backing in the big Las Vegas showdown.

Here, five people from the Dubai-based gym give their verdicts on the fight.

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Amir B
Age: 29
Occupation: Professional MMA Fighter
Prediction: Mayweather.
Verdict: It’s an historic fight and I’m backing Mayweather to win in the sixth round, probably by knockout.

Josh Mepham
Age: 28
Occupation: Aquarium Designs
Prediction: McGregor
Verdict: I like them both but I’d love McGregor to win as the underdog and I think he’s got a good chance because he’s a difficult fighter to take on. He’s not a boxer so Mayweather’s not going to know what is coming and I don’t think the American has studied him enough to know what he’s going to do.

Alfred Junior Luciap
Age: 31
Occupation: MMA striking coach at UFC GYM
Prediction: Mayweather
It’s a big event and I think it will be a great fight which will last as long as 10 rounds, with Mayweather outlasting McGregor in the end.

Tarek Ahmed
Age: 28
Occupation: Engineer
Prediction: McGregor
Verdict: Everyone is excited to see the match-up and I think both fighters have an equal chance of winning. McGregor has a lot of techniques other than boxing which can make him fast in the ring and I’m backing him to triumph.

Ty Kubiak
Age: 43
Occupation: Personal Trainer and Security Operative.
Prediction: Mayweather
Verdict: It’s his game, it’s his domain and kudos for Conor for having a go but I think it’s time for him to retire and what a way to go out on a $100m pay packet.