WATCH: Monaco vice-president happy to keep taking risks

In a CNN exclusive, shares solely with Sport360 in the Middle East, Monaco vice-president Vadim Vasilyev explains the club's ambition and thriving business model.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
11th April 2017

article:11th April 2017

In an exclusive interview with CNN Sport’s Christina MacFarlane, AS Monaco’s vice-president Vadim Vasilyev outlined how the club has remodelled itself to reach the Champions League Quarter-Finals and the top of Ligue 1.

As part of a special report on the French team, Vasilyev explains how the club has been remodelled under his image.

Having joined AS Monaco in 2013, Vasilyev was responsible for the signing of Columbian striker Radamel Falcao.

The early big spending was quelled with spending cuts, which has allowed the seven-time French champions to return to Europe’s elite.

Vasilyev explains the new structure to MacFarlane, and how the club has developed players such as Anthony Martial and Kylian Mbappe despite the limitations of the football club’s infrastructure.

He also explains how AS Monaco will look to continue their tradition of developing young footballing stars.