Verstappen talks about loyalty in Formula One, his future at Red Bull and more

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen spoke to CNN's Amanda Davies in the latest episode of 'The Circuit' to discuss loyalty in the sport, his future plans and much more.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
18th May 2017

article:18th May 2017

In an interview with CNN’s ‘The Circuit’, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen spoke with host Amanda Davies about the Dutch teenager’s career so far, his future at Red Bull and his chances of claiming a second race win this season.

A year on from transferring to Red Bull and claiming a debut victory at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2016, Verstappen outlines his future plans ahead of the 2018 season – where many race seats are expected to change hands.

“The team is really nice and I have a good feeling with them, but I also want to win at one point. For the moment, I have a contract, they also gave me the opportunity to get into Formula One, so there’s also a bit of a loyal side to it,” said Verstappen.

Asked if loyalty is a common theme in F1, the Dutchman said: “It’s not normal, but it’s nice if you can give it to someone.”

Known for his aggressive racing style since making his debut for Toro Rosso in 2015, Verstappen explains how he developed his technique and defended himself from previous criticisms by drivers.

“Everybody can have his own opinion but this is just the way I am, that’s how I raced my whole life (and) that’s what brought me here,” he said on The Circuit.

“I don’t think there is any reason to change that. Of course you learn from certain moments, and you always get more and more experience – so maybe in the future you’d do some different things, but in general the basics always stay the same.”



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