#360Fit: The stunning Talise Fitness club Dubai

Sport360 gains access to the exclusive Talise Fitness sports club in Dubai. With stunning seaside views like the Burj Al Arab coupled to a New York chic interior design, this is one of UAE's most spectacular fitness spaces.

Andrew Binner
by Andrew Binner
23rd March 2016

article:23rd March 2016

There are gyms, and then there are gyms.

Talise Fitness at Jumeirah Beach Hotel very much falls into the latter category due to it’s combination of stunning panoramic views, unique interior decorations and first-class equipment.

Every base is covered at this health club with its extensive range of tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor fitness equipment and its plethora of classes to suit every need.

“It’s a club for families and it’s a lifestyle club,” Talise Fitness General Manager Tim Dorrington told Sport360. “As you look around the club you will see lots of different images of New York and Dubai… we are trying to create a cool, trendy and industrial place to work out.”

“All our members get access to all the facilities in the hotel which can be anything from water sports, kid’s club activities and rock climbing.

“It’s something that is really unique in Dubai and something that our members really appreciate.”

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