Home Fitness For Ladies co-founder Kate Broadbridge on providing women with a safe space to exercise with a touch of Arabic hospitality

Watch Kate Broadbridge, co-founder of Home Fitness for Ladies, talks about how she created a one-stop destination for all women's fitness and wellness needs.

Hiba Khan
by Hiba Khan
29th August 2017

article:29th August 2017

Home Fitness co-founder, Kate Broadbridge started an exclusive fitness club for women in Abu Dhabi with the single objective of providing a safe and comfortable space that caters to all their fitness needs.

The fitness club – which is just two years ago – is equipped with all the latest facilities to help clients reach their personal and fitness goals, while also being respectful to the Muslim culture.

The club’s popularity has risen significantly and has paved the way for a healthier society in the capital.

For more information, log on to www.homefitness.ae or follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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