WATCH: Kenneth Kao a.k.a 'Pole Ninja'

Watch Kenneth Kao (Pole Ninja) share his experience and the wisdom he obtained from pole dancing and how he came up with Pole-Kour.

Hiba Khan
by Hiba Khan
6th February 2017

article:6th February 2017

Kenneth Kao has been a Parkour practitioner and trainer for many years, and has mastered several martial arts disciplines, so his transition into pole dancing took his friends and family by surprise.

Dubbed a ‘Pole Ninja’ by the pole dancing community, he raised a few brows for his choice, but he credits the activity for truly opening his mind and expanding his horizons.

He created the concept of Pole-Kour, which applies techniques from Parkour to pole dancing.

Kenneth Kao is committed to getting rid of the stigma that is associated with pole dancing for having its roots in exotic dancing.

Here, Kao speaks about his journey and experiences.

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