WATCH: UAE's first female parkour instructor shares her journey

Watch Amal Murad, the female parkour queen of the Emirates talk about her journey into parkour and the impact this unique sport has had on her life.

Hiba Khan
by Hiba Khan
15th February 2017

article:15th February 2017

Amal Murad is a quirky 24-year old, who is a graphic designer by day and turns into an agile parkour practitioner at night, jumping over every obstacle that comes her way.

She took up parkour out of boredom, but little did she know that a hobby would enable her to carve her niche in UAE’s fitness industry as the first Emirati female parkour practitioner and instructor in the region.

Watch her open up to Sport360 about her inspiring journey into parkour and how she evolved as an individual because of this sport.

Have you ever tried parkour and, if not, would you ever want to give it a go?

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