Julie Doughan gets her students to stay fit and healthy with Salsa Caribe

Julie Doughan is a classic example of a student becoming the master, she started off dancing Salsa as a hobby, but now gets people grooving to the beats of this unique Caribbean dance style that is credited with preventing Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Hiba Khan
by Hiba Khan
11th June 2017

article:11th June 2017

Julie Doughan became involved with Salsa after being introduced to it by a friend and instantly fell in love with the dance style that is said to have numerous health and mental benefits.

Her dedication helped her advance a lot faster than usual and she now teaches Salsa along with Bien Feliz, who used to be her instructor.

As an alternate way of staying fit and healthy, Julie sees the dance form as an interesting way of tying the community together.