How cupping therapy helps athletes like Michael Phelps as an alternative medicine

Watch Dr. Junaid Khan talk about the benefits of Hijama or cupping therapy, an ancient practice of detoxification that is practiced by the likes of Michael Phelps.

Hiba Khan
by Hiba Khan
25th June 2017

article:25th June 2017

Michael Phelps piques everyone’s interest when he sported polka dot bruises all over his body during his return to Olympic glory.

Before the internet went wild with their speculations, it was later found out that Phelps had underwent an ancient practice of detoxification known as cupping therapy, and the bruises were in fact cupping marks.

In the middle east, the practice came to be known as Hijama, which literally means ‘sucking’ and has its roots in Islamic tradition.

The unique process cleans out the cardiovascular system by sucking out waste fluids creating vacuum in them so the cup clings on to the skin and forces the fluids to start accumulating  in the vessel.

The procedure is considered to be quite beneficial for athletes that helps rejuvenate their muscles and enhance their performance.



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