The camel trek that will change your life

The third edition of Hamdan Heritage Centre's (HHC) 'camel trek' gave UAE residents a taste of bedouin life, Sport360's Hiba Khan spent one full day with the convoy and reached out to four trekkers.

Hiba Khan
by Hiba Khan
13th April 2017

article:13th April 2017

The annual camel trek organized by HHC may only be just a week long, but is said to have a long-lasting impact on the trekkers as they lived, dressed and ate the bedouin way.

Their life in the convoy was completely different from the one they had been leading in the city and it truly changed their perspective on a lot of things.

Last year's Camle Trek Image

Watch Hina Webb, Rhian Adams, Charlotte Sarrazin and Anne-Laure Laine talk about their adventure in the UAE desert and the valuable lessons the journey taught them.

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