Powering the Filipino basketball scene

Watch Jehad Al Masri and JIMC’s star player, Christopher De Jesus get candid with Sport360 as they propel the Filipino basketball scene forward.

Hiba Khan
by Hiba Khan
23rd January 2017

article:23rd January 2017

Jehad Al Masri has made a name for himself in the Filipino basketball community as a generous benefactor for the Pinoy Expat Basketball Association’s League.

Known for his philanthropic work in the Philippines, the 48-year-old Syrian doctor has given the Filipino basketball scene a much-needed push.

He helped create the tournament ‘Battle of the champions’ and facilitated the league in amassing the biggest total cash prize of Dh80, 000 in the history of expat basketball.

Dr. Jehad Al Masri is the owner of basketball within the team that is named after his clinic, Jehad International Medical Clinic (JIMC).



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