WATCH: AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon set for WrestleMania

It looks like we have another WrestleMania match all set to go as AJ Styles and Shane McMahon come to blows on SmackDown Live.

Sport360 staff
by Sport360 staff
15th March 2017

article:15th March 2017

Well, that escalated quickly!

On this week’s SmackDown Live, AJ Styles was a man possessed, ransacking the locker room as he sought revenge for a perceived slight from Shane McMahon.

Styles, without a match at WrestleMania, rectified that in a hurry by first calling out McMahon [above] for how the SmackDown supremo dealt with Styles’ rematch for the WWE title.

But he wasn’t done quite yet.

The former champion then waited for McMahon’s arrival before assaulting him backstage, ending up with Styles throwing McMahon through a car window.

It didn’t sit well with SmackDown Live general manager Daniel Bryan who then fired Styles on the spot.

But McMahon wasn’t going to let things slide that easily, hobbling out to the ramp to confirm the two will meet at WrestleMania.