Bit awkward he's missed a vital pen then!

Many arguing Zlatan wasn't a flop 🙄

Interested to see responses to this 🤔

Barcelona's offer may not entice PSG

But the race for Neymar just got interesting ⚫️⚪️

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Ohhhh it's getting messy in Dallas 🙄

Brazil and Barcelona legend Dani Alves scores debut goal with Sao Paulo

Seems like a resounding no 👎

See what all the VAR fuss was about

Worth a watch for Mane's corker 🚀

Doubt many guessed this 😲

All you need to know about FIFA 20 🎮

Hear what the stars of UFC 241 had to say


Looking good in red 🔥

🔟 reasons to smile

Good news for Mendy 💪 bad news for Marcelo 🙃

Who gets your vote?

Nice touch from Welbeck 👏

He's got a rocket of a right foot

Fascinating to see what position he takes 🤔

Well, that about seals Neymar to Barca 👀

Best teenager in the game right now? 💛🖤

Spot the odd man out

The man is a cheat code