Yuvraj Singh, Shahid Afridi and Chris Gayle to dazzle in Ultimate Kricket Challenge in Dubai

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Gayle and Yuvraj were present to launch the UKC in Dubai.

New formats for the game are being introduced in cricket at a ferocious rate but the latest of them promises to be the most unique one just yet.

Set to arrive on the shores of Dubai in February next year, the Ultimate Kricket Challenge (UKC) promises to deliver one of the most innovative fan experiences, with some of cricket’s biggest stars poised to go one-on-one against each other in a ‘cage match’.

Universe Boss Chris Gayle, India sensation Yuvraj Singh, Pakistan maverick Shahid Afridi, England’s swashbuckling Kevin Pietersen and Windies’ star Andre Russell are some of the big names that will lend their participation to the maiden edition of the UKC in Dubai.

Set to be staged at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, fans will get front row seats to get up close and personal to the action as the superstars battle it out in a cage in the UKC.

Some of the match-ups in the five-day event will see the Ind-Pak rivalry reignited with Yuvraj set to go head-to-head against Yuvraj while Gayle will be paired against Pietersen.

The superstars speak at the launch of the event at the Coca-Cola Arena.

The superstars speak at the launch of the event at the Coca-Cola Arena.

Each innings will consist of 30 deliveries while some unique and innovative rules mentioned below are set to ensure that the action is as pulsating as it gets. Like the Indian Premier League (IPL), the UKC will combine the best of cricket and entertainment with several Bollywood stars set to grace the event for some live concert-style performances.

Yuvraj and Gayle were on hand at the Coca-Cola Arena on Thursday to announce the launch of the latest cricket competition.

While both the players picked Test cricket as their most challenging format in cricket, their excitement to turn out in the UKC was evident.

“I cannot wait to have a practice run (in the new format),” said Gayle about the UKC.

“It’s a new and exciting format and its growth will depend on how we start the first edition,” said Yuvraj on his part.


  1. A game is played between two individual players only.
  2. To take part in a match, a player must be able to bat and bowl and no substitutions are allowed under any circumstances except when the bowler decides to play his Wildcard.


  1. The game consists of one batting and one bowling innings per player.
  2. Each innings consists of 30 balls.
  3. The run deduction for a dismissal will be five runs, and other penalties (such as misconduct) will be five runs or multiples of five runs.
  4. Each player must bowl 30 balls unless a winning result has already been achieved by the player batting second.
  5. A delivery commences from the moment the player bowling (with the ball in their hand) starts their run up and continues until the same time of the next delivery.
  6. Each player has a batting and bowling innings consisting of 30 balls
  7. When a player is dismissed, FIVE runs are deducted from their total score and they continue batting for the reminder of the 30 balls.
  8. Once a player has lost five wickets the innings is closed
  9. A player must not declare an innings closed.
  10. The player compiling the highest number of runs after both players have completed an innings will be the winner.


Substitute players are not allowed except when the player decides to use his Wildcard. If a player is injured and cannot continue, the result of the game will be awarded to the opposing player.


  1. The bowler has the option of using a bowling Wildcard player for a maximum 12 balls per game. The use of the Wildcard is at the absolute discretion of the bowler and the Wildcard can change each game but not during the same game.
  2. The Wildcard can bowl the maximum 12 balls in any sequence during a match and the 12 balls are not required to be bowled consecutively. The use of the Wildcard is at the sole discretion of the player.
  3. The Wildcard can transfer between players with negotiations handled at the absolute discretion of the players and the Wildcard. Wildcard transfers are not allowed during a game and only after a game has completed.
  4. Payment to the Wildcard is at the discretion of the player and remuneration is paid to the Wildcard by the player. UKC has no influence on the choice of Wildcard or payment to the Wildcard by the player.

Tickets will be available soon on BOOKMYSHOW.COM and CocaColaArena.com

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