Analysis on the voice behind the roar of the Three Lions - Tottenham star Dele Alli

Sooraj Kamath - Writer 10:18 21/01/2019
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Alli scored

We’ve been examining five of Europe’s best attacking-midfield talents and Dele Alli is next in the series. Alli is an established top-class player who plays for Tottenham. Even at the age of 22, he has enough experience to be regarded as one of the most crucial players in the squad. Find out why he’s considered one of the best young players in his position and read our methodology here


Alli is your trademark all-purpose midfielder who has shown great composure, delivering against big teams in a competent league.

The Englishman likes to go forward and has a good eye for goal. He can also function as a second striker and forces defenders to put their thinking caps on, with his intelligent positioning and timed runs into the final third.

ATTRIBUTE RANKS (How the player ranks against the other players analysed) 

Shots: 4

Key passes: 4

Expected goals+assists: 2

Successful dribbles: 5

Chances created: 3

Overall: 4

Dele Alli radar

Dele Alli radar


From the radar above, it can be observed that Alli has an appreciable x(G+A) (expected goals+assists) and this is evidence to the fact that he gets himself into scoring positions easily.

This has not been Alli’s best season, but on his day, he is a clean hitter of the ball and good in the air too.

The 22-year-old is a supremely crisp volleyed of the ball while his first touch and close control is yet another arrow in his quiver.

Alli’s intelligent decision making only amplifies his other strengths and his composure and winning mentality places him among the elites.

Although Cristian Eriksen enjoys the creative burden in the Tottenham team, Alli creates quality chances and can do a great job as a primary creator himself.


Clearly, dribbling is not Alli’s forte. But it’s worth noting that Alli has been below his usual standards this season and the fact that Spurs are a more balanced lot than the likes of Roma, Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund and Lyon and play in a league with significantly stronger teams.

But that does not imply that Alli is flawless. His build-up involvement is low and defensive contribution is questionable.

Also, he gives the ball away easily at times and can be shabby with his passing.

Dele Alli

Dele Alli


Tottenham 3-1 Chelsea. The London Derby needed Alli to step up and step up he did.

The England international proved a menace for Jorginho to deal with and etched his name on the fixture with a goal and an assist.

Alli headed home Eriksen’s free-kick and set off the counter which led to Heung-Min Son’s spectacular solo goal.

He also completed two of the three dribbles he attempted and created quite a few scoring opportunities.


There is a reason that the Englishman’s market value is significantly higher than the other elite midfielders in this category.

Alli is more experienced, played in a tougher and physically demanding league and also starred in a World Cup for the Three Lions.

The €100m price tag might seem like an exaggeration of his abilities, but the market is inflated and hence the price seems fair in the modern world.


Real Madrid, Manchester United

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