WATCH: AFCON 2017's best moments

Sport360 staff 19:50 06/02/2017
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The African Cup of Nations is the premier tournament in the continent and pits the best against each other.

It features great quality but is also known for the more comical aspects of the game.

Here, we list five moments from this year’s competition.

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During the African Cup of Nations encounter between Senegal and Algeria, Khadim N’Diaye was involved in possibly the strangest act of time wasting we’ve seen.

The incident was even more difficult to absorb given the match had no significance. Algeria were already out of the tournament and Senegal were guaranteed a place in the next round.

As you can see below, the Senegalese’s actions are truly bizarre as he trips himself and then feigns injury.


The group match between Cameroon and Guinea-Bissau was an absolute cracker.

Cameroon came from behind to win 2-1 as they struck late on to break the hearts of their opponents.

But in the age of social media, the moment that sticks in the minds of many is this kick-off, which resembled rugby more than football.


This simple but sublime piece of skill from Tunisia’s Youssef Msakni delighted spectators.

In their match against Zimbabwe, there was no cooler customer than Msakni. With a player rushing to tackle him, Msakni stood on the ball and let his opponent bypass him and look a little ridiculous.


“He was really affected when he heard the news. Whether he wants to play or not, I will respect his decision.”

Those were the words of Togo manager Claude LeRoy after his goalkeeper Kossi Agassa’s house was placed under police protection because ‘fans’ attacked it after their country’s 3-1 loss to Morocco.

“Agassa does not deserve such treatment,” LeRoy added. “We are all supporting him because, after all, football is a game. The solidarity of the team is such that we will find calmer waters and not let ourselves be affected by a small minority in what is a country of peace.”

Agassa after conceding against Morocco.

Agassa after conceding against Morocco.


Essam El-Hadary was finally beaten in the tournament by Burkina Faso’s Aristide Bance in the semi-finals, ending his incredible run in the African Cup of Nations which stood at 681 minutes without conceding (since 2010).

However, Bance’s strike made it 1-1, taking the encounter into extra-time and El-Hadary went on to become the hero in the penalty shoot-out. With Egypt trailing, he stopped the fourth attempt, taken by the keeper Kouakou Koffi.

El Hadary then saved Bertrand Traore’s effort as well, and celebrated wildly as Egypt qualified for the final.

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