Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah believes VAR is 'too fair', prefers the human errors

Sport360 staff 08:35 22/08/2019
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Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah presented his views on VAR, the hot topic of debate in recent weeks.

The Egyptian feels that the technology is ‘too fair’ and it’s inclusion has compromised the passion of the people around the game. He maintained that there needs to be room for human error in football. Salah also mentioned that he is expecting to receive more penalties this season thanks to the addition of VAR.

“I love football how it is. It’s okay to sometimes protect the players from dangerous play. But for me, I accept football with the mistakes of the referee, mistakes of the playe,” Salah told CNN.

“That’s how football gets more exciting. That’s how people get more passionate about it. But VAR is too fair. Last year, I had a penalty in the final Champions League and it helped me a lot. But, it’s too fair. We like it with mistakes.

“More penalties for me. You will see that.

“Of course I want it. But for me the team trophy comes first. (…) Especially the Premier League.

“Maybe we scored the most of goals for Liverpool but I can’t take that from the other players because really they work really hard. They defend a lot. They give us each ball and we always try to make the difference. The most important thing is to keep winning. The goals will come.

Salah wants Liverpool to replicate Arsenal's 2003/04 'Invincibles' season.

Salah wants Liverpool to replicate Arsenal’s 2003/04 ‘Invincibles’ season.

“I think that’s what makes football so exciting, the passion and everything. So I’m happy to play each game, I don’t want even to rest one game, so I’m happy to play for a long time. Even if it was 12 months, I will play.”

The winger also spoke about the high expectations at a club like Liverpool and revealed Jurgen Klopp’s message to the players ahead of the new season. The players are attempting to replicate Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ season from2003/04 when they went a whole campaign unbeaten.

“If you play in a club like Liverpool, there’s always big expectation, you have to win something. So there’s always expectation in the football,” he said.

“Keep working hard and if you want to win another thing you have to work harder than maybe you did in the last season and you have to really be humble. Okay, Champions League is over. It was last year, so forget it. Fight for the new trophies again this season.

“We’re playing against Man City, I think both teams are the same level at the moment and they are playing good, we’re playing good. So we just need to focus on our game, not their game, as much as you can win each game it’s going to be okay.

“Like last season I think we lost only one game. Only one game. So this season we have to focus on ourselves not to lose any game.”

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